Tiagra is built with guessed it, Shimano Tiagra. Cables are

Tiagra is built with guessed it, Shimano Tiagra. Cables are cleanly routed internally, and a two piece plug system called Gizmo is designed to seal and hold the cable tight and reduce annoying rattles. A clever piece attached to the dropout adds extra rack or fender mounting points when needed, but hides out of sight when it not.. People living in that area say they did not know who ordered the placement of the light back in October, 2015, but they knew why it was added. Steven Gamble lives nearby. People had go shot and the city had the light shining up the street cause they say it was dark cheap nfl jerseys up there, so it been there for about six months now. By next month, the village plans to launch an online, points based reward program to promote civic involvement and advocacy for local activities and businesses. The online platform will allow residents to promote village awareness, events and businesses through social media custom baseball jerseys and accrue points to bid on rewards.Two weeks ago, the Village of Orland Park was the first Chicago suburb to launch this program for residents.There will be no cost to the village, which will eventually receive a percentage of the site’s advertising revenue, according to BondingPoint CEO John Calzaretta.Calzaretta, an Orland Park resident, presented the proposal to an enthusiastic board at its regular meeting Monday.Once residents enroll in the program for free, they can earn points for participating in surveys, dining and shopping locally, attending titanium pot local events, as well as raising awareness of village issues and promoting village/resident achievements and local events on Facebook and Twitter.Points can be used on rewards that the village could offer, or that sponsors might donate. This could Wholesale Jerseys include restaurant gift cards, VIP access to parking for events, free event tickets or exclusive experiences, such as lighting the village Christmas tree or heading a local parade.Since the venture is new, Calzaretta said the first 10 municipalities to sign on can do so for free and receive a share of the advertising dollars earned after cheap nfl jerseys an initial recovery of $3,600 by BondingPoint to cover expenses.Site advertising will be low cost, at $80 per month, he said.Calzaretta assured that all data received from participating residents will be the property of the village and that demographics would be used anonymously to sell advertising.”It’s a great concept and an opportunity to make revenue to reinvest in our community,” said Mayor Timothy Baldermann.Although there is no fee involved, the village has to approve a formal contract, which it is expected to do at its Feb.